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After 6,5 years there are exactly 259 bicycles on the site 

August 2017Ordinaries, British: Harrington with hub brake
Safeties, diamond frame, without seat tube: Humber 1887
Ordinaries, British, Singer 1881: new text and extra picture
July 2017Ordinaries, British, CMC, Gentleman's 1877
June 2017Ordinaries, British, CMC, Special Club c 1881
Ordinaries, British, CMC, Club 1878  (and a complete update 
  of the CMC section)
Ordinaries, British, J. Devey
Ordinaries, American, Columbia Light roadster 1887-1892
Safeties, special frames: Hurtu c 1890
Safeties, straight seat tube: Hurtu c. 1895
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